Las Matanzas

A slaughter consists of sacrificing a cow or pig in order to gather a group of friends and neighbors. This activity begins in the early hours of the morning when the animal is tied to a tree and is sacrificed by volunteers that celebrate the slaughter with shouts, “salomas” or work songs, and stories. Early in the morning, breakfast is prepared from the freshly sacrificed pig or cow and is shared with all the guests. These dishes are usually accompanied by typical foods, such as tortillas, boiled yucca, corn “bollos”, among others. It is common that beginning in the early morning on you can see and smell the meat smoking on the traditional stove. The stove consists of two holes in the ground; one is large and circular and is where the pan is placed to cook, and the other is rectangular and at an inclined angle in order to hold the firewood. The slaughter (barbeque) is completed with traditional music that brightens the gathering during the day while the people eat every bite they can in the morning, afternoon, and evening.


Autor: Irving Vergara