What we do

Live Fence

The Azuero Eco Foundation (AEF) is a “living laboratory” located on Panama’s Azuero Peninsula focused on reforestation, habitat restoration, sustainable land use and environmental education. We combine community outreach with science and fieldwork to create models that are scalable and replicable worldwide.

We are meeting our mission through three program areas:

  1. Conservation
  2. Education and Outreach
  3. Collaboration

Our programs:

  • Grow plants and trees sustainably – Our programs to promote responsible agricultural practices and reforestation with native species are supported by our organic garden and tree nursery in Pedasi.
  • Restore habitat – We use a biological corridor approach to reforestation that engages key communities to restore the dry forest ecosystem, protect the Azuero Spider Monkey, and increase the resilience of the Azuero peninsula to climate change.
  • Educate– We engage our communities to learn together through raising environmental awareness and conservation action through our Spider Monkey Education Initiative in local schools, a Pro Eco Kids youth group in Pedasi and other interactive programs for the whole family.
  • Grow Community– We build robust networks of interaction among Azuero residents to exchange ideas and take informed decisions regarding land use and other environmental topics. Collaborations with universities, researchers, volunteers and interns to gain knowledge about the Azuero grow a network of individuals interested in AEF’s conservation work.

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