Volunteerism is a key component of our work, bringing people together and helping to solve social problems.

Part of the organization’s success is built on developing partnerships and collaborating with scientists and educational institutions to collect data and provide the research necessary to identify primary targets for preservation, and to create site-specific, viable management options for landowners. Locally, volunteers have contributed to in-school education programs, local recycling efforts, among other projects. In addition to a steady local volunteer base, the Azuero Eco Foundation is continually assisted by volunteers, students and their faculty advisors, post graduate interns, and research scientists who come to the Azuero to study and assist in the successful outcome of the organization’s projects.

The organization has seen a willingness and openness of both locals and visitors to volunteer their time and make lasting commitments to sustainability. Volunteer service at the Azuero Eco Foundation strengthens the quality of life within the community, is a great way to learn about and contribute to a more stable ecosystem, and contributes to greater overall productivity in the region.

For more information about volunteer, internship and research opportunities, please email info@proecoazuero.org.

For a list of current volunteer projects visit study or contact us.