Luis Eduardo Varela Clement, President

Luis is a member of an industrious Panamanian family with Azuero roots. He obtained his civil engineering degree, with honors, from Catholic University in Washington, D.C., U.S.A., which he followed up with postgraduate studies there and in Stockholm. For 13 years he worked in the construction sector in Nicaragua, and upon his return to Panama joined the insurance sector in the area of technical insurance, securities and bonds, to which he dedicated the length of his career. In his retirement, he advises insurance companies in his areas of expertise and has acted as mediator, arbiter, and expert witness in disputes involving the insurance and construction sectors. He is an avid nature lover, birdwatcher and collector of historical Panamanian maps. Luis has been married over 50 years, and together with his wife Marta Cardenal, heads a family that to date includes 24 children and grandchildren.