Julia Janicki; Researcher, Communication Expert

Julia JanickiShe is a conservation biologist and an environmental activist. He particularly enjoys combining his research skills and design techniques to raise awareness about issues related to wildlife and the environment.

You have completed an M.S. in Entomology (conservation of beetles and taxonomy) and is finishing his second M.S. in Environmental and Computer Observation, both from UW-Madison.

He worked in Okinawa in a biodiversity and biocomplexity laboratory for four years, during which he worked on many projects, one of which is the design and development of antmaps.org. He also worked for the Environmental Research Agency for 2 years as a data visualization consultant and created many interactive stories to make his technical reports more accessible.

She is particularly interested in ocean conservation and illegal wildlife trade, and would like to use her skills to raise awareness about sharks, pangolins and parrots, among other traded species.