Guillermo Duran, GIS Administrator

Guillermo is a forester/geographer from Costa Rica who worked for the Perfect Earth Project/Azuero from 2011 to 2013 as the GIS Administrator in our Pedasí office. During that period he became involved in the creation of the GIS database of Azuero, in the design of a proposal of a biological corridor for the Azuero and, together with Edwina von Gal, worked in the creation and development of the Plant Database of Azuero. After leaving PEP/Azuero to spend a year in Perú he decided to move back to Costa Rica and since 2015 he is part of the research team of the water resources management program HIDROCEC of the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (UNA). Guillermo has a BS in forestry from the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica and a MA in Geography from San Francisco State University. He still works for PEP/Azuero in keeping the GIS database updated, advising staff members about GIS matters while also creating maps for PEP/Azuero and its collaborators.