Dr. Maydelin Iveth Pecchio Millán, Member

Dr. Maydelin IvethPanamanian, lives in the county of La Enea, in Guararé, Los Santos. Medica by profession, Internal Medicine specialist with a Sub-specialization in Infectious Diseases. He works at Gustavo Nelson Collado Hospital in Chitré, Herrera.

As part of his academic training he worked as an associate researcher in the Department of Infectious Diseases and Research for 5 months in 2016, University of Louisville Hospital, Kentucky, USA. He also has a Postgraduate Degree in Higher Education (2013) School of Higher Education, University of Panama.

She currently belongs to the Panamanian Society of Internal Medicine since January 2014 and to the Panamanian Society of Infectology since October 2016 where she is a member of the board of directors as spokesperson for the Society. His interest at the community and hospital level is research, which is why he is part of the Institute of Medical Sciences of Las Tablas, with the aim of collaborating in investigations of infectious causes, whether community or hospital.

Her other motivation is reforestation and environmental sustainability. In Tumáco, Los Pozos de Herrera, is carrying out the reforestation of 19 hectares, in order to make a farm agro tourist “Finca Melina”, while providing education to employees about reforestation.