Carmela Luciano, Director of Education

Carmela Luciano graduated from the La Salle Foundation, Marine Technological University Institute in Venezuela with a degree in Business Administration. Later she specialized in business development at the University of Santa María. She arrived in Panama in 2004 and because of her interest in exploring areas outside Panama City, she prefers to spend her time in the natural areas of the country. She has received a Diploma in Geographical and Ecological Tourism from the University of Panama. She was offered the opportunity to work with the Avifauna Eugene Eisenmann Foundation, an environmental conservation NGO, where she developed and participated in the administration and development of a pioneering ecotourism project. This work inspired her conviction that business administration is more than a tool in the service of society; it can be a way to strengthen the consciousness and conservation of natural areas. The greatest challenge organizations face is how to achieve the least environmental impact possible through their daily operations. This vision forms part of the environmental education, the coordination and planning of projects for schools and communities that need to view forest as a tool to spread responsible and enthusiastic conservation practices. At AEP, Carmela works with the Recicla Pedasí program,  a local volunteer initiative conducted in collaboration with the Pedasi Mayor’s office and local youth volunteers, the Azuero Resource Center, a digital and physical informational resource  collection with the goal of sharing knowledge gained about tropical science and conservation with the world, and the administrative tasks of the Pedasi office.