Princeton University

Stephen Pacala of Princeton’s Department of Ecology and Environmental Ecology has been bringing his students to the Azuero and the Achotines Laboratory for a number of years. In the summer of 2009, Ruth Metzel, now our Program Manager supported by Princeton’s Labouisse Fellowship, completed her thesis, From Finca to Forest, Forest Cover Change and Land Use Management in Los Santos, Panama on the Azuero. In June-August 2010, Sierra Schelegle conducted a preliminary study of the factors associated with spider monkey occupancy of forest corridors.


Stephen Pacala and a group of Princeton students visit Achotines Laboratory in March, 2010. Seen here at a welcome dinner hosted by Azuero Earth Project.

María A Echeverry-Galvis captured this rare photo of a spider monkey when she visited the Azuero along with Stephen Pacala’s Princeton Environmental Ecology study group.

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