People of Azuero: Jesús Antonio Batista, Reforestation Assistant for Fundación Pro Eco Azuero

Jesús Antonio Batista, Asistente de Reforestación en la Fundación Pro Eco Azuero

Jesús is from the village Santa Ana from La Villa, province of Los Santos; he currently works for Fundación Pro Eco Azuero as a reforestation assistant.

He is an Agricultural Technician with a degree obtained at the National University of Panama, and he is currently studying for a degree in Environmental Sanitation at the Technological University of Panama.

He had his first experiences in nature care working with his uncle in a nursery; he also helped his dad with farm work with tending to the livestock and planting varied crops, including native trees. In this way, he gained a lot of knowledge about the management of land and its resources.

In Pro Eco Azuero, he is in charge of ensuring the well-being of the nursery in situ; making seedbeds, transporting seedlings and maintaining green areas. He also carries out the monitoring of saplings in lands reforested by FPEA in previous years; if necessary, he replaces the dead saplings in order to obtain a complete reforestation.

Within this job opportunity, he has acquired a lot of experience in getting to know the native species of Azuero, as well as experience interacting with the people of the nearby communities, who always receive him in a welcoming manner. He has obtained a license in drone management, and he has expanded his knowledge in new technological tools that could be used for monitoring and checking up on reforested lands. He has also learned how to manage various digital platforms such as Servi 123, Collector App, and mapping with the GIS system.

Jesús is a positive person, with a lot of charisma who is very cheerful. He is capable of helping many people with what they need and he is always motivated to learn new things to put into practice.

He loves to work the ground, and he is aware that sustainable use must be made of the Earth and the resources and biodiversity that comes from it. He is committed to making the Azuero region more green and sustainable, which is why Jesús is our monthly feature for “People of Azuero”.