Millings (Moliendas)

In the Azuero region, it is very common to see the so-called “Realejos” where it is common to find a mill for grinding sugar cane. It consists of a beam called “Mijarra” that runs along it, mounted on a metal wheel that has three metal rollers inside it, the largest called the male roller (“rolo macho”) and the smaller ones called the female rollers (“rolos hembras”). A horse is tied to an arched piece of wood that is attached to the wheel beam. It circles the mill with the beam, while a worker feeds through the rollers freshly cut  cane brought from the garden. The cane juice is known as “guarapo” and in the middle of work this cane juice is enjoyed by combining it with orange or lemon juice which comes from trees on the same farm, thus producing a refreshing drink. The harvested cane juice is then poured into a clay oven in which a metal pot is embedded, and thus begins the preparation of honey that is obtained by boiling the cane juice to its final point.


Author: Irving Vergara