Grow plants & trees sustainably

The Azuero Eco Foundation supports its sustainable land management and habitat restoration initiatives through 3 in-house programs:

  1. Tree Seedling Nursery: Each year we grow thousands of native, fruit and timber seedlings for planting out in the field during the June-July reforestation season.
  2. Organic Garden: Our garden serves as a trial ground for testing organic agricultural practices that can be applied on a broader scale.
  3. Seed bank: We collect seed from local plants and trees to exchange with other community members and local seed banks. Are you interested in trading with us?

These programs need a lot of volunteer power to run successfully and provide a perfect entry into environmental issues in the local area. Contact us if you would like to volunteer!

Visit us for more sustainable land management information:

  • GIS mapping data of crop production on the peninsula
  • Research on native and non-native plants and crops and their planting and harvesting needs
  • Community events such as Guest Expert events on topics related to organic agriculture and reforestation
  • Technical assistance and capacity-building for School Gardens and associated curricula
  • Volunteer Days with high school students and other groups in the garden and/or nursery
  • Workshops and community meetings on the benefits of organic farming and reforestation