Since 2009 we have been reaching out to local schools to increase environmental consciousness and the conservation ethic. We now work in four schools, teaching the importance of spider monkeys in the local environment, the dangers these animals face from hunting, development, and deforestation, and the uniqueness of the dry forest ecosystem, which is also highly threatened by development. One of the schools is now planting trees.

We initiated an after school program called Pro Eco Kids  in 2010 at our office in Pedasi to teach children the importance of environmental conservation through fun and hands-on experiences.

Pro Eco Kids Activities

  • Discussed waste/recycling, biodiversity, science of plants, sea turtles, and the use of plastic

  • Planted in AEP garden, discussing the importance of plants, respect for nature, and the life cycle

  • Promoted reusable bags to town residents

  • Discussed the safety and life cycle of sea turtles and the importance of preventing ocean pollution and egg harvesting

  • Participated in the 2012 Pedasi Local Parade. Read about it here

  • Visited several local protected areas and farms

  • Engage parents and develop their leadership capacity in the program

Pro Eco Gardening

We are helping the Instituto Plinio A. Moscoso in Pedasí to build a school garden that will be used to:

  • Promote a healthy diet and organic agriculture

  • Teach students about the garden ecosystem

  • Combine school curriculum with hands-on work

  • Promote the reduction of agricultural chemicals

Students and Garden