Sustainability Guides

At the Azuero Earth Project, we are dedicated to building healthy and sustainable communities. We encourage landowners to manage their land in a sustainable fashion by living within the limits of what the land can provide and protecting, rather than harming, the local ecosystem.

The framework below outlines common sustainability goals and can be used in conjunction with our instructional Eco-Guides (highlighted in red) and our plant database as a tool to aid those interested in living sustainably.

What kinds of sustainable actions interest you?
Using natural organic fertilizers

Make and Use Compost β—Šβ—Šβ—Š Make and Use Worm Compost β—Šβ—Šβ—Š Make and Use Other Organic Fertilizers

Controlling pests naturally

Plant Trap Crops β—Šβ—Šβ—Š Recognize Beneficial Insects β—Šβ—Šβ—Š Make and Use Organic Pesticides