On this page you will find guides to jumpstart your eco-journey in Azuero. These guides serve as the jumping off point for the specifics of sustainable living on the peninsula. Looking to put in a live fence? Check out our guide on live fences for where to start. Want to know how to reduce waste? Check out the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Eco-guide. These eco-guides are living documents and we rely on community feedback to keep them in top shape! If there are any errors, comments or clarifications to this info please contact the Azuero Eco Foundation in person, by email, or phone:
(507) 995-2995


  1. Fire Control: Rights & Regulations: A Guide to Protect your Farm from Neighboring Burns (and example letter of warning)
  2. Riparian Zone Conservation: A Guide to Understand & Protect Panamanian Riparian Zones
  3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: A Guide to Waste on the Azuero Peninsula
  4. Tree Planting: A Guide on Rights to Tree Planting & Harvesting
  5. Live Fences: A Guide to Creating & Maintaining Live Fences
  6. Forest Gardens of Azuero: A Guide to Creating & Maintaining Forest Gardens