Your donations help us work with communities in Azuero to reforest the vulnerable ecosystem of the dry tropical forest. Our vision is of a renovated Azuero peninsula, with a protected dry forest, supported by a loving population. Your donations make a profound difference towards achieving our goals.

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Your contributions are tax deductible under DGI Resolution No. 201-4940 of September 2, 2019.

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Local Communities. Global Impact.

Although much of the Azuero peninsula was a tropical dry forest in the past, today less than 7% of the dry forest remains in the Azuero territory and a mere 2% globally. Vulnerable species, unique to Azuero, such as the Azuero spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi azuerensis), are critically endangered and attempt to survive in isolated patches. Informed by a geographic information analysis to determine our target area of approach for strategic reforestation, the Pro Eco Azuero Foundation has been developing an initiative in eight rural communities, since 2010, to spread awareness about the importance of restoring basins and reforesting to increase water quality, habitat connectivity and diversify the production of rural farms.

We love monkeys.

Azuero’s Spider Monkey is an endemic species in danger of extinction. Help us save their habitat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What will my donations be used for?

Our vision is a renovated Azuero peninsula, with a protected dry forest, supported by a loving population. This vision, creating a model that others can follow, will take some time and money. Donations make a big difference in the degree of effectiveness and speed with which we can achieve our goals.

Donations are used in our different programs, reforestation, environmental education, and research.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, the Pro Eco Azuero Foundation has Panamanian legal identity, with R.U.C. 25036801-3-2018 D.V. 88. (Resolution No. 201-4940, September 2, 2019).

What is a tropical dry forest?

Tropical dry forests are forests that grow in areas that do not receive rain for many months of the year.

Why did we choose the spider monkey?

Azuero’s Spider Monkey, Ateles geoffroyi azuerensis, is our indicator subspecies and symbol that guides us because it is a vital species of the Azuero dry forest ecosystem, but at the same time, it is a critically endangered species. Just like the Spider Monkey needs the dry forest of Azuero, the forest needs the Spider Monkey since they function as one of the most effective seed dispersers. The few remaining on the planet live only on the Azuero Peninsula. They are victims of rapid disappearance of habitat and are often hunted for trade. They are particularly intelligent and cute, but also dangerous, which may be a reason why they have been able to survive so long. However, habitat loss and genetic diversity may be more than they can handle. We are working to stop the capture and killing of the Spider Monkey and the rest of the monkeys, and to provide them with enough habitat to assure their future.

How can I volunteer?

It is very easy to volunteer with the Pro Eco Azuero Foundation! You can write to us at and get involved in our reforestation and environmental education initiatives.

Which communities do you work with?

We work with communities across the Azuero Peninsula such as Pedasí, Bajo Corral, Paritilla, Vallerriquito, La Miel, Nuario, Colán, Bayano, Los Asientos, Oria Arriba, Las Tablas, Las Minas, Tonosí,, among others.