Conway School

In the spring of 2007 students from the Conway School of Landscape Design (a curriculum devoted to ecologically and socially sustainable design) came to Panama to explore the feasibility of a biological corridor across the Azuero Peninsula. Upon returning to the classroom they continued their research and produced a study link to report which has provided a fundamental document for the project. While in the Azuero they met with scientists, farmers, and government representatives in private conversations and an open “town meeting” in Pedasi. They spent time exploring the countryside, experiencing the effects of deforestation and searching for remnant patches and their communities.

“The work of the Azuero Foundation is landscape design at a visionary scale and of profound significance for Panama and, by way of example, for the planet.”

Paul Cawood Hellmund
Director, Conway School of Landscape Design
Author/Editor: Ecology of Greenways, Designing Greenways

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