Cristina Barber Alvarez-Buylla, Researcher in Ecological Restoration

Cristina Barber Alvarez-Buylla

Cristina has a master in Forest and Nature Conservation from Wageningen University and a degree in Environmental Sciences from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior at Boise State University.

Her research focuses on modeling second forest regeneration at the landscape scale to inform organizations’ restoration plans, such as the restoration being conducted by Pro Eco Azuero.

She has collaborated with the Bolivian Forest Research Institute and was an intern and later on a fellow at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

Since 2018, she has performed research in collaboration with Pro Eco Azuero’s restoration projects, and is currently working with the foundation to capture socio-ecological dynamics related to restoration on Azuero.

In her free time, Cristina enjoys reading, hiking, drawing, and camping.

Vicente Vásquez, Volunteer of the Reforestation Team

Vicente Vásquez

Vicente is a native of the city of Chitré, a graduate of the Soyuz Bilingual School in bachelor of science. He is currently studying for environmental studies at the University of the Ozarks AR, USA. He has done multiple practices with the Azuero Eco Foundation. In the past he participated in the National Public Speaking contest, representing the province of Herrera. He has collaborated and formed part of the group of young leaders for the management of watersheds of CATHALAC. Additionally, Vicente is a muralist and likes extreme sports.

Meghan King

Megan King

Meghan King is a journalism intern who works with Pro Eco Azuero to explain research, discuss the impact it has, and explain the work being done by Pro Eco Azuero. She is excited to be involved with such an impactful organization! Meghan is going into her senior year as an environmental journalism student at Michigan State University.

She also volunteers as a Donor Relations Coordinator with Feed the Frontline Chicago where she helps to brainstorm social media fundraising campaigns and created and led the “Restaurant Wars” competition on social media. Previously, Meghan was an editorial intern with Premier Travel Media where she Researched and wrote various guides for the Student Travel Planning Guide magazine.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, being outdoors, running, and hanging out with friends.

David Hwang

David Hwang

My name is David Hwang, and I have just wrapped up my first year at Princeton University. I am on track for a Pre-Med Molecular Biology major with a Neuroscience certificate.

For the summer of 2020, I have eagerly taken on this journalism internship for Fundacion Pro Eco Azuero for a simulataneous purpose of educating myself on the environmental health context of the Azuero peninsula and the dynamic policies and changes taking place, and to also contribute in a meaningful way to an organization that I believe is backed by a fulfilling purpose. I am thoroughly excited to participate, even from a remote manner, and I look forward to accomplishing said goals within the next few months.

Sofía Barboza, Volunteer in the Education Program

Sofía Barboza

Sofía Barboza is currently a master’s candidate in Climate & Society from The Earth Institute at Columbia University where she focuses on the generation and analysis of climate data for decision-making. She is also interested in the intersection between public health and climate change. In 2016, she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a major in cultural anthropology and a concentration in Latin American Studies.

She then spent 2 years in northeast Brazil as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant and Fulbright Mentor where she developed ESL curriculum for the Universidade de Campina Grande and the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco.

Sofía is very excited to be joining Pro Eco Azuero as a collaborator for the school outreach initiative. Being Costa Rican-American, her long-term goal is to do climate work in Latin America and this is her first opportunity to do so!

Kohei Kubota, JICA Web Computing Consultant

Kohei Kubota

Kohei is a volunteer with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) consulting for 2 years with the Azuero Eco Foundation. He was born in Yokohama City, Japan. He graduated from the Economics department at Kochi University, and has worked at various companies over the past 15 years in developing corporate systems, web page programming and design, and making digital designs for schools. With the Azuero Eco Foundation, he is working to improve this website and social network communication through enhancing the capacity and knowledge of the AEP team.