Affiliations and Thanks

Photo: Ruth Metzel
Photo: Ruth Metzel

The Azuero Earth Project places great importance on sharing resources, creating collaborations and supporting the work of other environmental organizations working on the Azuero. We are currently collaborating with governmental, nonprofit and educational groups.

The Azuero Earth Project has formed collaborations with an increasing number of organizations in the Azuero and Panama.

The University of Maryland

The Azuero Earth Project and the University of Maryland have teamed up for the study of the endangered Azuero spider monkey. The AEP will be providing maps and other assistance to researchers from the University of Maryland studying the behavior and movements of the monkeys.



The Fundacion Avifauna

The Fundacion Avifauna, a Panamanian affiliate of The World Land Trust, is working with The Azuero Earth Project to preserve land and create bird watching sanctuaries combined with local eco-tourism opportunities based on their highly successful endeavors in Ecuador ( and elsewhere.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is advising the Achotines Laboratory and Azuero Earth Project in creating models for secure land protection/preservation within the Panamanian legal system.

The PRORENA Azuero Field office

The Native Species Restoration Project (PRORENA in Spanish), an affiliate of STRI, has provided the research, training and seedlings for the initial native tree plantings in the Azuero. Their collaboration and support has been a consistent inspiration and essential component of our programs.



ESRI Conservation Program

The ESRI Conservation Program, is the non-profit support arm of the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). Thanks to their generous donation of ArcGIS software and GIS learning resources, we have begun to comprehensively map conservation priorities on the Azuero Peninsula.


The Center for Environmental Incidents has been keeping us informed on the legal rights of citizens and the environment and monitoring illegal activities in order to help the Azuero population to protect their heritage.


URISA’s GISCorps provides volunteers that use GIS to assist with humanitarian, environmental, health, economic development and community projects around the world. Two GIS Corps volunteers, Josh Garver and Emily Cheadle, are currently working to digitize a hydrology layer for the Azuero Earth Project’s GIS database.

Ninos de Azuero (NIDA)

Niños de Azuero (NIDA), Children of Azuero, is a grassroots organization created to support sustainable public health and education projects in rural and semi-rural areas of Azuero. The Azuero Earth Project is working with NIDA to create a recycling program in the town of Pedasi.



Global Brigades Panama

Global Brigades Panama is the world’s largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. Since 2004, Global Brigades has mobilized thousands of university students and professionals through nine skill-based service programs to improve quality of life in under resourced communities.

Pedasi Ecotourism Cooperative

The Pedasi Ecotourism Cooperative is dedicated to attending visitors with local cuisine and currently has a tree nursery at El Arenal beach. For more information, please call Victor Vera at 6505-4357.


Designed by Frank Gehry, the mission of the BioMuseo is to impact Panamanian society by teaching about biodiversity and the emergence of the Isthmus of Panama; to motivate citizens so they get to know and appreciate this natural component of Panamanian identity; and to generate in all visitors the need to protect the environment.

Main International, S.A.

Main International, S.A. is a company working on sustainably managed forestry and teak sales in Pedasi, Los Santos, Panama that is committed to reconstituting forest corridors and bringing wildlife back to the immediate area.

Planet Action

Planet Action supports local projects acting on Climate Change-related issues by providing geographic information and technology to NGOs, universities, and research centers.


APTSO is a non-profit association directed by a group of pioneers in the fields of tourism, science and development that intends to spread sustainable tourism across both the private and public sectors in order to improve the environmental and common development of Panama.



AEP participates with SOMASPA and Southern Illinois University, Carbondale to contribute to research on wild feline species, including jaguars and ocelots, in Azuero’s Cerro Hoya National Park. SOMASPA unites a diverse network of research scientists performing field research on wildlife species from Chiriquí to Darién and promotes development of the scientific community in Panama.


Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

AEP participates with SOMASPA and Southern Illinois University, Carbondale to contribute to research on wild feline species, including jaguars and ocelots, in Azuero’s Cerro Hoya National Park. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Masters degree candidate Jessica Fort and her professor Dr. Clayton Nielsen lead this research project to study and conserve the region’s large charismatic wildlife species.


Festival Abierto

The Festival Abierto seeks to connect a large public to concepts in Education, Culture and Science throughout its duration, to generate a learning environment to appreciate sustainability and the value of our resources. Additionally, the Festival Abierto seeks to inspire Panamanian and all of its participants to construct a better future and to unite the country not just with festivals but also with cultural initiatives planet-wide.


 City of Knowledge

The Azuero Earth Project has been a member of Panama’s City of Knowledge since December 2012.  The City of Knowledge’s mission is being an international platform for knowledge management to promote sustainable development and the competitive advantages of Panama.




We extend our gratitude to all of the researchers and volunteers that have contributed to our work, including: Mary Behr, Amanda Bernsohn, Josh Berry, Emily Cheadle, Jason Corace, Cristel de Leon, Andrea Dulko, Josh Garver, Amy Khoshbin, Kossen Miller, Johanna Scholey, Heraclio (Lucky) Solis, Ellen Tobin, Matt Young, Natalia Reagan, Sierra Schelegle, Karen Krieb, Eduardo Ducreux, Michelle Goodfellow, Michael Bauman, Tanya Taggart-Hodge, Flaam Hardy, Isobel Phoebus, Kara Luggen, Rachel Weed, Uma Nagendra, Yasmeen Byrnes

Thanks to the organizations and companies that have generously helped us: