Adopt a tree in Azuero!

Greetings from The Azuero Eco Foundation! We hope this letter finds you well. We are currently in the middle of one of our busiest seasons, working in the process of planting, tending, and monitoring our trees throughout the Azuero peninsula. 
To take advantage of the season, we are beginning an “Adopt a Tree” campaign this season in conjunction with our reforestation efforts within these upcoming months. The goal of this donation campaign is to raise awareness about conserving not only the Azuero corridor but also our planet through these personalized cards in return for the donation.
With only a 5 dollar donation, through paypal, you can become an owner of
your very own tree that has been reforested by our team from Pro Eco Azuero in the ecological corridor in Los Santos. Now what does this mean?
Becoming an owner of one tree means that your name will be recorded in our system as such, and we will send you a personalized card with the following information to show our gratitude:

  1. A virtual picture of your personalized tree being planted!
  2. Various information regarding the tree, including the scientific classification, the height of the tree, the width of the tree, and other interesting facts about it!
    We envision these cards to be a small token to remind you of the greater planet that is our home, and the beauty of each and every tree that inhabits the planet! Furthermore, this could also be a small gift idea to someone that you know who would appreciate being
    an owner of an Azuerense tree! In these trying times of COVID-19, a special gift of their very own tree would surely brighten their day!
    In any case, any and all donations are greatly impactful to our mission and to our trees! We cordially invite you to join our cause!
    When making the donation, make sure to include the name of the OWNER of the tree. Any questions, write us an email to

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