In total lockdown, climate action heroes persevere

Desde casa siguen los Proyectos Comunitarios en Azuero

Our rainy season has arrived to Azuero and it is the right time to bring new seedlings to life. Due to the high demands of reforestation goal this year, we cannot achieve this alone, so we invited our allies in the Azuero communities to join us in producing as many seedlings as possible from their homes, allowing us to carry out the planned reforestation for the year.

Within the communities, there are many low-income elderly, who, along with their families, were selling their products in informal markets and neighboring villages due to the lack of large-scale agriculture. However, at the moment, these practices cannot be carried out, directly affecting the income of these families.

The Azuero Eco Foundation is offering these individuals, who love to cultivate land, the opportunity to provide us with seedlings from the comfort of their homes, allowing them to generate a small income through microcontracts, potentially helping to ease their financial burden. These microcontracts are an agreement where the allies are committed to providing us with seedlings and Pro Eco Azuero will provide them with monetary compensation in return.

Through this project we have been able to help precisely the MOST vulnerable populations to COVID- elderly, low-income community members by making them into income-generating environmental heroes at this difficult time.

In a country that’s in total lockdown, the project has empowered rural community members to produce and generate income through this difficult time. This has becomes a way to support their families while accelerating efforts to combat another crisis humanity now faces – climate change. The project is directly tied to our vision of restoring an 80 km tropical dry forest ecological corridor that restores spider monkey habitat, protects watersheds, enhances food security, and builds climate change resilience. Through this project we have been able to help more than 15 families and produce more than 7,000 seedlings. The seedlings produced will be planted in the corridor in the comming months and monitored by the Pro Eco Azuero team (see our youtube channel for more details on this program).

We have now collected the seedlings and pay each community member for their production.

At the same time, we have given enough material to our Eco Artisans to produce from home. The Azuero Eco Artisans, is a group of rural community members that produce crafts made of natural fibers and or natural raw material, making their products sustainable. With out leaving their homes, they are producing crafts which they will later sell in local markets, fairs and boutiques.

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