The Azuero Eco Foundation celebrates Christmas with Environmental Education groups

Santa Claus Ecol贸gico, Bill voluntario Cuerpo de Paz de Nuario
Ecological Santa Clause, Bill, volunteer of the Nuario Peace Corps

The favorite time of the year for many, especially for children, has come: December is a month full of Christmas and end of the year celebrations to share with family and friends.

We wanted to share this time of the year full of Christmas spirit with the children of the Spider Monkey School Initiative and the Pro Eco Pelaos, two of our Environmental Education programs, organizing a party for everyone on December 6, 2019 in our offices in Pedas铆.

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All the schools that make up our ecological corridor were invited, the schools of Bajo Corral, Oria Arriba and Nuario; the children of the Pro Eco Pelaos also attended. In total, more than 60 children attended.

Volunteers of the Peace Corps of the communities of Bajo Corral, Paritilla, Mariab茅 and Nuario also participated, as well as the teachers of the school and members of the Foundation.

The Azuero Eco Foundation wanted to offer a joyful afternoon the children could enjoy and share with their friends and other participants.

We had 5 stations with different activities. In the first station, we had an obstacle course; in the second station were table games, a bingo with ecological cards and the Lucky Forest; in the third station, the children could color a Christmas tree.

La estaci贸n de Reforestaci贸n

The fourth station was about Reforestation. The children could transplant small oak seedlings into larger bags, and they could take these seedlings taken home as gifts from the Ecological Santa Clause and plant them in their homes.

La estaci贸n del brindis

The fifth station consisted in a toast to all the establishments which donated to us: Arturo Wong 鈥 Sabores Pedas铆, The Bakery 鈥 Selina Pedas铆, Restaurante Smiley麓s, T铆a Libia Panader铆a, Distribuidora Libadi, Asados Pedas铆 and Refresquer铆a Cristina Yamileth. We would like to thank all of you very much; without your help, this beautiful afternoon would not have been possible.

La quinta estaci贸n era la del brindis, se les entreg贸 un brindis gracias a los establecimientos que nos donaron.
Muchas gracias a los establecimientos que nos donaron: Arturo Wong 鈥 Sabores Pedas铆, The Bakery 鈥 Selina Pedas铆, Restaurante Smiley麓s, T铆a Libia Panader铆a, Distribuidora Libadi, Asados Pedas铆 y Refresquer铆a Cristina Yamileth.

It was a day full of emotions and joy where everyone had fun, enjoyed the food, laughed, and had a great time.

Escuela de Oria Arriba con Santa Claus Ecol贸gico
Above: Students of the School in Oria with the Ecological Santa Clause
Representantes de la escuela de Bajo Corral, Voluntarios de Cuerpo de Paz, Kiera.
Representantives of the school in Bajo Corral, volunteers of the Peace Corps Kiera.
Escuela de Nuario con Santa Claus Ecol贸gico
Students of the school in Nuario with the Ecological Santa Clause

The children had the opportunity to spend some time with the Ecological Santa Clause, who shared phrases with ecological messages of environmental conservation with them, for example: We should recycle, it’s good for the environment; Leave your mark, save the planet; Plant a lot of trees, you’ll help the ecosystem; Let’s protect the earth, it needs us; Reuse, reduce, recycle; Don’t pollute, throw the trash where it belongs; Recycle and give life; The world needs you, you can help it; Respect animals.

It was a real pleasure for us to welcome all the participants to this party and we hope to be able to invite more schools next year.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wishes you the Azuero Eco Foundation!

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