Taking part in Azuero traditions the ecological way

Every year in Pedasí, a community situated on the Azuero peninsula, a picturesque and traditional parade of ox-carts is held, representing the beauty and the folcloric culture of Azuero. In this charming, provincial festival various groups prepare little performances, with women dressed in gorgeous skirts embroidered by hand with an indescribable delicacy, oxen pulling colorful carts through the streets, music groups playing the cheerful percussion rhythms and much more, allowing for an authentic experience.

Fig.1. Members of the ProEcoPelaos preparing to participate in the parade

In 2018, the cart of the Azuero Eco Foundation was inspired by the profound interaction existing between the human being in Azuero and the surrounding nature. It also represents the farmers of Azuero who take pride and joy in their traditions and culture which have been inherited from generation to generation. Over time, they have slowly learnt about the importance of conserving the biodiversity of the fauna and flora surrounding them, which constitute a necessary part of their daily activities. Having said that, the cart is a vivid image of the Azuero Eco Foundation’s reforestation and conservation goals.

Fig. 2. Azuero Eco Foundation’s cart in action.

Poem: The human amidst nature 

The monkeys from the tree tops are greeting

as on the farm roads hoofprints are engraved

and the squirrels are scattering seeds in the woods

as Azuero watches, carefully protecting.

The cornfields dance to Azuero’s windy rhythms and cheerful music,

the tourist rejoices in its traditions and warm zephyrs,

among the workers and their machetes

the meddling sun rests upon their necks.

As Azuero’s women wash their clothes and warm the food

their kids are found harvesting mangos

the streets of Azuero may be founded on rapid progress

but the customs and traditions will never be forgotten.

Author: Cristóbal Pérez

If you want to know more about the work of the Azuero Eco Foundation to preserve natural resources in Azuero, you can follow our account @proecoazuero on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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