An environmental parachute – ProEcoPelaos style!

Fig. 1. The image shows the parachute created by the ProEcoPela’os

Our Pro Eco Kids are embarked on an art project that will showcase their splendid talents and their profound sense of protection of their surroundings to the world. As a part of the “Parachutes for the Planet” initiative organized by the Mother Earth Project, they have created an artistic parachute that will be exhibited globally to encourage people everywhere to live sustainable and responsible lives that care for nature. The first exhibit of the parachutes will be in Washington, D.C. on July 21st and will be part of the youth-led “Thisiszerohour” Climate March.

To see upcoming exhibits enter the next link:

Fig. 2. The image shows to ProEcoPelaos making the parachute


It was marvelous to observe these great small members of future generations pour their heart and soul into each pixel of color to benefit our future Earth, that each day sends us more cries for help. We know that these youth will be change agents to promote a culture of responsible resource use.

Do you have kids ages 5-12? Want to get involved with the Pro Eco Pelaos? Come to the Pro Eco Kids activity every Friday from 3-5 pm in our office in Pedasi. For more information on this community program and others,, contact us at (507) 995-2995 or

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