Meet AEP’s newest faces

The team of the Azuero Earth Project is always changing, it is a NGO that interacts a lot with the local and international community seeking the creation of bonds of cooperation in favor of sustainable development, on October 23 we welcomed a new group of volunteers and practitioners from different parts of the world, they have come to support the projects and objectives of the organization, they have been quickly integrated and have defined the goals to be met.

In the area of reforestation and nursery we have Timo Viel, a conservation biologist, and Gerwald Meulman a student of International Business. Both will be working on the preparation of seedlings for the reforestation of 2018, in addition to giving care and monitoring to the thousands of trees planted in this year 2017. Both enjoy the cultural exchange that occurs within the project, are very active and persistent in their important work.

In the education area is Carolyn Balk. She will be working on the school initiative of the spider monkey; she enjoys the Panamanian culture and visiting the different natural and cultural landscapes of the Azuero region.

In the area of institutional development is Marit Overgoor, an international business student from the Netherlands, she demonstrates great camaraderie and dedication in her work and is improving her Spanish language while working on the administrative functions of the Azuero earth project.

Also there are with us Emmanuel Medina and Eloy González, practitioners of the IPAN high school in Pedasí; and Francisco Huang and Vicente Vásquez, practitioners of the Soyuz Bilingual School of Chitré. They will be supporting all areas of the organization and will be administering the social networks and the project website.

For the Azuero Earth Project it is very important the work done by the practitioners and volunteer because they are the energy that keeps the project moving, their dedication shows the value of volunteering, their knowledge and culture enriches the history of the organization and their efforts push the initiatives to make them a complete success.

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