Throwing that cell phone away? No way! Now you can donate it to AEP!

Every year, as technology continues to advance, a newer, savvier cellphone comes out, driving us to go out and replace our phone. Often this leaves us with old cellphones with no use. Now, you can donate your tech devices to AEP through a new collaboration with Recycling for Charities! Recycling for Charities, is an online donating platform that collects old cellphones and other devices, recycles them, and donates the profits to a charity of your choice. You can check out AEP’s profile on Recycling for Charities’ website.

Recycling for Charities is a safe and convenient way for you to discover AEP, learn about its initiatives, and support its projects. All a prospective donor needs to do is visit AEP’s page and fill out their information and ship their old device for recycling. It’s a triple win: first, it’s an innovative way of supporting local charities; second, it benefits donors by taking old, unnecessary items off their hands; and 3) recycling old technology in and of itself helps the environment.

It used to be that bake sales, car washes and fundraiser nights were the only ways of getting donations for non-profits. Now, however, as the internet has taken over our lives there are hundreds of online platforms for donors to find the perfect charity to invest in, and now you can use Recycling for Charities to recycle for AEP!

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