AEP says ‘Hello’ to New Interns!

For students all around the world “summer vacation”, or whatever version of the holidays their school practices, is the best time to be inspired and try out new things. In the second half of 2016, multiple students are doing just that by interning at the Azuero Earth Project. This year, AEP takes pleasure in welcoming a diverse group of interns. The new interns include Johanna Durget (Education Coordinator), Trevor Toia (Research Intern), Casey Aviles (Research Intern), and Nikita Sivakumar (Web and Communications Intern). When you get the chance, stop by our office to say “Hello!”.
Setting up internships benefits both AEP and the interns themselves. By bringing in students of different ages, expertise, and nationality AEP can advance and expand multiple facets of its work. For example, Trevor and Casey get a chance to contribute to the AEP’s wide research efforts. “I am most excited about working with the sea turtles and conserving their population,” Trevor said. Their work allows the AEP to implement fresh strategies to preserve the beautiful biodiversity of the Azuero peninsula and further our mission. Similarly, the interns benefit from getting the chance to apply their passion and skills towards environmental conservation in Azuero. Nikita, who joined the AEP at the start of the summer as a web and communications intern, highlights that “there is no better place to be inspired by all the wonderful service projects, cultural events, and research that are happening in Azuero than at AEP.”

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