The Ministry of Environment and the Alliance for 1 Million Hectares named the 29 of August, 2015 as the National Day of Reforestation. The community of Pedasí celebrated this day by completing a community reforestation project lining the entrance to Pedasí. The project included a variety of native tree species, donated by the Azuero Earth Project, the mayor of Pedasí, and Ms. Yarineth Gomez, judicial facilitator. Mr. Eliezer Vera donated the organic compost. After all trees were planted, the students of Colegio Plinio Mosoco led a group to collect the trash and clean the road where the trees had been planted.

Such an event was possible because of a grand effort by Miss Gladys Díaz de Batista, and the Muncipial Judge of Pedasi, Lic. Nelson Morales. Miss Gladys was the person who motivated and organized the community of Pedasí, and petitioned groups such as AEP, the mayorship of Pedasí, Tortugas PEdasí, BDA, IDIAP, the local banks, the health center, the Ministry of the Environment, the firemen, the local high school, different religious groups, the fishermens coop, members of the Maritime Authory and the National Police.

AEP is inspired by how many people, both young and old, and how many groups and individuals came out to support the reforestation efforts. The union and efforts of local groups, working together, is what will ultimately lead to a healthy environment for the community of Pedasí.

Reforestación Entrada Pedasí

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