We are growing: our new name and logo

Our organization and mission have gone a long way since we started working in the Azuero Peninsula more than 5 years ago.Year after year, we have developed and evolved according to the needs of the Azuero, our capacity to respond to them and the impact of the projects we implement.

From inspiring awareness about conservation and reforestation to educating children about environmental responsibility in rural schools, we have grown to become a recognized and respected organization in the peninsula.

PEP_Azuero_Logo_CMYK-540x342_NEW1We are using the Azuero penninsula as a living laboratory for collaborative research and testing in order to produce new information on toxin-free practices that support the restoration of biodiversity.Together with visiting experts, scientists and students, we have been creating and delivering information to communities’ land owners, cattle breeders, farmers and families that results in long term adoption of best practices for resilient land management.

Our toxin-free message has been so well received in other parts of the country and the world that we are changing our name to be able to create a community of all the different people and places we are, and hope to be, serving as we continue to grow.

As a sign of our growth, we are giving the organization a new logo that reflects our vision for a prosperous and conserved Azuero: an overall perfect place. Geoffrey, our Azuero Spider Monkey will always be with us – as a special mascot and dear friend for all activities and initiatives.

Join is in spreading our message by sharing a photo of how you live toxin free or of the Azuero using #Azueroperfecto

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