The Big Cats of Cerro Hoya

IMG_5668Our April began with a very creative and educational activities at the school of Pablo Ballesteros in Los Asientos. An interactive presentation was given by Jessica Fort- Masters student Wildlife Southern Illinois University, who performed a study of Mammals with emphasis on cats in the Cerro Hoya National Park. Jessica has the help of Joseph Whelan, a Peace Corp Response Volunteer. Both spend weeks walking almost impassable trails, tracking mammals and placing wildlife cameras at strategic points, led by veterans eyes and experience of local guides areas of Cortezo and La Tronosa. IMG_5671All this effort and intensive study resulted in a series of charlas that Jessica and Joseph present, sharing their experiences to discover the biodiversity of the park with both adults and children, and explaining the subtle balance of this fragile ecosystem. With the assistance of 25 children, 4 teachers, and the AEP team, Jessica and Joseph shared an interactive talk, dance and workbook activities. All were amazed to discover and learn about the wonderful mammals that inhabit the park.

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  1. Does Jessica have any idea when she will publish her findings? I know she is a student with a thesis to write, but she has some VERY interesting data, I’m sure…! Did she collect any herpetological information (specimens, photos) while in the highlands?

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