Education Initiative focuses on Soil

Azuero Earth Project is delighted to kick off the 2015 Education Initiative!

Comparing different soil types
Comparing different soil types

With great enthusiasm, creativity, and long hours, our team has been preparing for our first visits to the schools!

Our classes this year were inspired as part of the celebration of the “International Year of Soil.” To quote the Director General of FAO, José Graziano da Silva, “The multiple functions of soils often are overlooked. The soil has no voice.”

With the theme “Discovering the Magic of the Soil,” we recognize that although soil restoration and conservation is a multi-generational process, we have to begin somewhere! We hope that as we give “voice” to the soil, these messages will be heard by the sensitive and curious ears of our students.


Un visitante especial... El Señor Suelo
Un visitante especial… El Señor Suelo

Through the 2015 Education Initiative, we will visit several rural schools with creative activities and battalions of energy, knowledge, and confidence in raising awareness and learning about the paramount importance and countless functions that soil provides for all inhabitants of this planet.

The soil loves company! If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please contact Rebecca or Carmela!

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