Exploring the Forest with the EcoKids

E16034861153_c8b4b9c7c8_zarly in the morning 14 young people from Limón and Pedasi, fans of fun activities and discovery, came with their backpacks ready and their anxious faces asking… “When do we leave?” Again Azuero Earth Project staff was accompanied by youth group leaders from SCOUTS Pedasi, friends, and volunteers. This time we were also accompanied by the super knowledgeable guide Jairo Batista, who loves kids and is an expert of the woods!

T16447371807_305a80152f_zhe morning was fresh and the breeze kept us from getting too hot, perfect weather to begin our exploration. Once we established our rules of good conduct, we entered the forest, using special tools like mirrors to “search the forest from the bottom up.” Other activities included bark rubbings, seed hunts, and leaf comparisons. Because it’s the dry season, we had the special advantage to enter a small lake bed that was dry, but its floor still had a lot of moisture, where it seemed that we were walking on a giant fluffy bed! There we found with our search team (armed with little shovels and magnifying glasses) ??many bugs, shells, little roots and even a snake skin. The Gun-Gun monkeys greeted us with their shouts when we entered the forest, but soon appeared with their families. Key-wen counted 19 monkeys total. Our walk ended like all great explorers, learning how to find compass north … and on towards our next excursion!

For more pictures, check out the full album on Flickr. 

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