A Surprise Troop of Spider Monkeys

Waiting for the games to begin!
Ready to learn!

Tucked high up in the rolling hills of Azuero lies the small community of Colan. With only eight students, this school might be considered tiny, but the students and the teacher were among the most enthusiastic that we have had the pleasure of working with.  Education in Panama is a labor of love depending on the teacher, who in these one room, multigrade schools, acts not only as the teacher, but the guidance counselor, principal, sometimes chef, and often community organizer. We were so impressed to work with Teacher Margarita Diaz this year.  During a preliminary visit months ago, we explained AEP’s educational initiative, one day’s worth of activities and a community movie night, with a small presentation from the kids, to take place in October.

The troop of monkeys waiting in the wings before their presentation.

Imagine our surprise and delight when we arrived months later to these shining faces- of their own initiative, the parents had organized to sew each student a monkey costumes! Eight of the most adorable spider monkeys had a blast jumping about playing forest fragmentation games and mono twister… with the added challenge of avoiding stepping on the tails of their peers!

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