Workshop on Organic Fertilizers for your Garden

Mixing the Bocashi Ingredients
Mixing the Bocashi Ingredients

Amid the bright sun of this very strange El Niño year, people gathered for a traditional event in Azuero… a Matanza. Hosted by Olmaedo Sáenz at the Finca Doña Carmen, more then 50 people were in attendance. While the soup was still bubbling and the meat still cooking, people gathered to participate in a workshop hosted by Azuero Earth Project.

AEP is always working to reach out to new audiences, so at the request of the community, we hosted August’s Guest Lecture together with the Matanza. AEP´s own Jairo Batista gave an interactive presentation on easy to make all natural controls for use in your home garden.  Among the techniques discussed were Bocashi, a hot fermented compost. Jairo also demonstrated how to make Biofermento, a fermented foliar nutrient applied by spraying directly onto plants. For more information, and to get our recipes, click here for Bocashi or Biofermento.

Amidst the festivities, and of course, the delicious food, AEP had the chance to connect with new participants and answer questions about organic methods on a small scale. We’d like to thank to community of Los Higos for inviting us and for their continued support and interest in protecting the environment in Azuero!

And now... to ferment! The Biofermento ready for the next stage.
And now… to ferment! The Biofermento ready for the next stage.

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