AgroEcological Fair in Los Asientos

Señor Jairo explicando las hojas de la Berbá
Señor Jairo demonstrating the leaves of the Berbá tree

Among the shy smiles and excited shouts of children, Señor Jairo asked one more time, which tree is this?  Four hands shot up into the air, but barely able to contain themselves, several kids shouted out the answer, “Berba!”  Identifying native trees important for food and habitat of the Azuero Spider Monkey was one among many of the activities at the Agro-ecological Fair in Los Asientos.  The Azuero Earth Project was also giving out seeds of Canavalia, an ornamental vine locally used an leaf cutter ant repellent.  Team members also gifted bags of Bocachi compost, along with a detailed explanation of how to make Bocachi in one’s own backyard.

The Agro-ecological Fair, now in its second year, was attended by over 100 people, with display tables from diverse organizations from the government, to local banks, to the Peace Corps. The fair was supported by APAPSE, the Association of Agrosilvopastoral Producers of Pedasi. Friday’s schedule included presentations on saving energy and science presentations from the Bilingual Academy in Las Tablas.  In an event that quickly became the crowd favorite, the kids participated in a recycled materials fashion show, bringing awareness to the idea of reusing materials and thinking about waste.

Overall, an excellent two days of connecting with other organizations and talking to both parents and children in the community.  Check back soon for a link to the video footage from SerTV, who was present filming the activities of the day.

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  1. What a great annual event this has become! Congratulations to APASPE, the Azuero Earth Project, and all the participants.

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