Conference on Options for Sustainable and Productive Landscapes in the Azuero


Sustainable Land Use
Attendees listen in on sustainable land use presentation

On May 21st, the Azuero Earth Project facilitated a conference exploring ideas and strategies for sustainable and environmentally friendly land use.  This conference presented the audience with an overview of alternatives in sustainably managing their land to improve both profits and the productivity of their properties. The audience heard from experts like Andreas Ekes, Director of Futuro Forestal, who spoke about the profitability of reforestation with native species and explained how this activity can be more profitable than ranching. The conference also featured Mr. Jacob Slusser, Panama Coordinator for the Yale School of Forestry’s  Environmental Leadership Training Intiative (ELTI). Slusser shared some of the knowledge he has gained from years of experience working in the Azuero implementing and promoting intensive silvopastoral systems. The Azuero Earth Project’s Director of Agroecology, Dr. Carlos Navarro, delivered a talk on the use of biodiversity in agricultural production and environmental conservation, using the native tree species Berba (Brosimum alicastrum), a particularly useful example for its multiple environmental and utilitarian benefits.

Furthermore, panelists from different regions of Panama interactively discussed their experiences including reforestation with native and exotic species as an option for developing ecotourism, reinvestment of revenue in the establishment of native plantations, and “reforestation tourism,” which involves the tourist in planting activities. Other experiences included organic hydroponic gardening in the town of Limón and the conversion of traditional production systems to silvopastoral systems in Guararé.IMG_3821

The event was well attended and AEP hopes to continue to conversation and promote the adoption of these alternative land use systems.

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