AEP Participates in Suelo Knowledge Share

Roman delivers a presentation on sustainable tourism to conference attendees c, Roman Yavich
Roman delivers a presentation on sustainable tourism to conference attendees c. Roman Yavich

AEP Director of Media and Development, Roman Yavich, joined a group of artists, scientists, and NGO leaders at a multidisciplinary residency in the Veraguas Province in Panama on the subject of soil. The event was organized by Estudio Nuboso, a project of Ela Spalding.

By bringing together Panamanian and international artists, scientists, NGO leaders, and residents of the Arrimadero fishing community, the residency aimed to break the institutional mold of knowledge-sharing to spark conversations and ideas on the broad topic of soil. Participants included Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute scientist, Tony Coates, who presented the 70 million year-old geo-history of Panama’s Pacific coast line and the “pillow lava” that punctuates the picturesque scenery of the Arrimadero beach. Other presenters shared knowledge and experience on topics ranging from soil biology to anthropology. Roman drew on eight years of experience in sustainable tourism to hold an open conversation and presentation on the pros and cons of tourism development and its impact on land rights of current residents of Arrimadero.

Roman’s participation in this event is part of AEP’s broader efforts to engage with the Panamanian nonprofit sector and develop relationships with organizations working on sustainable land use in Panama.

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