Creative Recycling Worshop at the AEP

To the untrained eye, it appeared that several tables at the Azuero Earth Project offices in Pedasí were covered in trash. But in truth, the empty chip bags and containers filled with used cooking oil were destined for great things, and soon would be transformed into wallets, purses, and fragrant soaps.


Several groups from Pedasí and surrounding communities were present for December’s Creative Recycling Workshop, led by Sra. Sabina Rodriguez, from the Department for the Promotion of Culture at the National Environmental Authority offices in Ocú, Herrera.

Sra. Rodriguez began with a short introduction, followed by a brief demonstration of how to begin the process of weaving junk food bags and wrappers together to form wallets and purses. Attendees then grabbed their scissors and got to work. Potato chip bags quickly disappeared, transformed into colorful interlocking zig-zags and the beginnings of coin purses.


When participants had mastered the fine folds necessary for making recycled purses and wallets, it was time for the second half of the workshop: homemade soaps. Sra. Rodriguez demonstrated the proper way to mix potash with water and recycled cooking oil. Then each participant had the chance to make their own soap to take home, choosing from a variety of fragrances. Attendees left with their soaps in hand, ready to be used after a one-month aging period. Learn how to make your own soap by reading Sra. Roriguez’s easy recipe.


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