Peace Corps Volunteer Helps Boost Attendance at AEP Movie Nights

In June and July, seats have been filling up at AEP’s Monkey Movie Nights.

Much of the increase in attendance was a result of the efforts of Peace Corps volunteer Karla Sierra, who currently works in a nearby community.

“Many community members expressed they wanted to initiate some environmental projects,” said Ms. Sierra. “I felt exposing them to the AEP movie nights would be an excellent starting point and transition into these projects.”

For the June screening of the documentary film Earth, Karla arranged for transportation of nearly 30 people, by bus, from her nearby community to the AEP office in Pedasí.

Humpback whales in ‘Earth’ c. IMDB

“I have always been an environmental conservationist at heart,” said Ms. Sierra. “I jumped at the opportunity when my community members expressed their interest [in the movies].”

A total of 47 people were on hand for the screening of the 2007 film documenting the migratory journeys of elephants, humpback whales, and polar bears. In tracing the amazing and visually stunning migratory paths of these three species, the film also shows how climate change, driven by human thirst for fossil fuels, is threatening the animals’ very existence.

For the July 11 Monkey Movie Night, Karla once again arranged for transportation by bus, and more than 70 people (!) were on hand for what would also be the last AEP movie night for Director of Programs Ruth Metzel and photographer extraordinaire Guillermo Duran. The many viewers on the patio were once again treated to beautiful aerial imagery from all over the world in the documentary film Home. Depicting the evolution of our planet over billions of years, Home once again illustrated the serious threat that climate change poses for our planet.

Solar homes in ‘Home’ c. IMDB

According to Ms. Sierra, moviegoers from her community were “intrigued, shocked and overwhelmed” by the climactic destruction depicted in the films. “Most were not aware that our planet is in such turmoil,” she said.

All present were left to think about how they themselves can help fight climate change, following the examples set by bold thinkers all over the world.

AEP hopes that movie nights will continue to draw large crowds from different communities so that critical discussions on important topics can take place!

Thanks to Karla and to her community for their efforts to raise funds for transportation and for helping to us to bring more people into the discussion!

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