APASPE Celebrates Third Anniversary with Eco Fair!

Recycling fashion show during APASPE eco-week, c. APASPE archives

The Association of Livestock and Agroforestry Producers of Pedasí (APASPE in Spanish) organized a week of eco-activities to celebrate the third year anniversary of their association’s founding from June 17 to 22, 2013. The goal of the week was to inform and to build consciousness among members of the Pedasí and surrounding communities about the environmental issues we face today, with the motto “Together let’s conserve the countryside for a better environment”. In addition to recognizing APASPE’s efforts to date, the week also celebrated June as Natural Resource Month.

The inaugural event of the week took place at the Pablo Ballesteros School in Los Asientos, attended by the Municipal Mayor, the Director of ANAM, the Provincial Director of Education and the Municipal Authorities of Pedasí. Activities for the week included a movie screening, a tree planting day, a drawing contest, visits to the farms of local producers, an eco-fair in Los Asientos, and a conference with talks given by speakers from local initiatives.

AEP intern Hannah Metzel planting trees with the Pedasí community, c. APASPE archive

The Azuero Earth Project collaborated with APASPE throughout the week, planting trees with community members, visiting farms, and representing the organization at the eco-fair on Thursday. Dr. Carlos Navarro, AEP’s Director of Agroecology and Forest Restoration, presented on “The Genetic Resources of Cedrela Odorata L. and Swietenia Macrophylla and Their Efficient Use in Mesoamerica” at the conference on Friday.

The week’s activities were organized in collaboration with MEDUCA, Panama’s Education Ministry, and ELTI, Environmental Leadership Training Initiative through Yale University. Organizer Belgis Madrid, said that the week was a huge success and that “it is clear that the community has interest in environmental issues and that members are motivated to work with APASPE and continue the fair in the future”.

AEP interns Sabina Roan and Victor Tran with community members visiting the farm of Nicolas Solis, c. APASPE archives

To learn more about APASPE, visit their website and page on Facebook.

Written by Sophie M. Fuchs


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