AEP Delivers Azuero Map Puzzles to Local Schools

Student making her Azuero map puzzle, c. Ruth Metzel

On June 11 and 12, 2013, the Azuero Earth Project delivered puzzles to participating schools in its Annual Spider Monkey Educational Initiative in honor of Natural Resource Month and their participation in AEP’s annual initiative to conserve the Azuero Spider Monkey and its tropical dry forest habitat.

The Azuero Earth Project puzzle contains a map of the Azuero peninsula made by Guillermo Duran with data from AEP’s GIS Database of Conservation Priorities and AEP’s design team that shows students how their communities relate geographically to the peninsula’s major population centers and important protected areas.

AEP staff members Carmela Luciano and Ruth Metzel with students completing their puzzles, c. Ruth Metzel

Through working with the puzzles, students will learn to identify, value and protect the natural wonders that are found in their local protected areas and to develop the geographical understanding of the Azuero peninsula. Carmela Luciano, Ruth Metzel and Hannah Metzel of the Azuero Earth Project team helped teachers and students to put together their puzzles in celebration of their future use as a teaching tool in participating schools!

Azuero Peninsula Map Puzzle, c. Guillermo Duran

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