AEP Celebrates the Environment in Panama at Festival Abierto

AEP staff member Jairo Batista with visitors at the AEP tent, Festival Abierto, c. Guillermo Duran

On March 23-24 the Azuero Earth Project participated in Festival Abierto in Parque Omar in Panama City. Marking its second anniversary this year, Festival Abierto celebrated environmental consciousness in Panama through education, culture and science. The goal of the festival was “to create a sense of pride among Panamanians about the natural and cultural wonders that their country has to offer” (festival website).  This year the festival’s theme was a “sea of new ideas”. The festival included a section of NGO and artist stands, booths selling arts and crafts and food, and a stage featuring Panamanian and foreign musical artists.

The Azuero Earth Project had a stand among over 30 other foundations and organizations working on environmental and other social issues in Panama. AEP staff members encouraged visitors to play spider monkey games that form part of AEP’s annual elementary school education initiative and to write down promise pledge to the environment on a colorful paper leaf to add to a growing tree of environmental action. During the course of the weekend, over 100 people contributed to AEP’s tree of environmental action with their promises.

The Azuero Earth Project thanks the organizers and sponsors of Festival Abierto for the opportunity to participate in and collaborate with like-minded organizations and artists during this important cultural event in Panama!

Written by Sophie M. Fuchs

AEP staff member Jairo Batista helps visitors write promises for the environment on AEP’s tree of environmental promises at Festival Abierto, c. Guillermo Duran


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