Pedasí Community Explores Global Fishing Crisis in AEP Movie Night


In the latest feature of the Monkey Movie Nights on March 7, AEP screened “End of the Line”, a documentary that explores the global fishing crisis. Through interviews and scientific studies, the film explains that the current state of fishing on a global level is unsustainable. Unless fishermen worldwide change their practices quickly, stocks of fish could be depleted within our lifetimes.

Sr. Algis Garcia of the Association of Pedasí Fishermen, Sr. Victor Vera, administrator of the Cooperative Virgen del Carmen in Pedasí, and other community members attended the event. The movie’s themes hit close to home for many, particularly artisanal fishermen, who rely on fishing for their livelihood and Pedasí residents who eat seafood on a regular basis.

After the movie, participants discussed the film’s themes in more depth. AEP staff asked the group if they thought there had been a decrease in the number of fish caught by fishermen in Pedasí in recent years. Victor Vera commented that the stocks of snapper (“pargo”) had definitely decreased, while the population of jellyfish has increased. When asked what we can do to protect fish stocks in our region of Panama for the future, Sr. Vera pointed out that we have the Pablo Barrios Wildlife Refuge and that we need to better protect this area to ensure the future of local fish stocks.

What can you do? The three takeaway points from the movie are the following:

  1. Ask where your fish comes from before buying (and choose fish that is less in danger of extinction)
  2. Ask your politicians to protect the oceans with stronger laws against overfishing
  3. Demand the creation of a network of protected marine areas

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Written by Sophie M. Fuchs

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