AEP hosts first Monkey Movie Night!

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Thursday, December 9th marked AEP´s first Monkey Movie Night, a new initiative to screen environmentally-themed movies for the public. The purpose of these films is to educate the community on environmental issues in a fun and entertaining setting. These movie nights are free and will take place in the evening once a month at the AEP office.

This month AEP featured the feature film ¨Even the Rain ¨ (2010). The movie is about a group of filmmakers who travel to Bolivia to film a movie about Christopher Columbus’ conquest of the Americas and find themselves stuck in the middle of the water war in Cochabamba in 2000. As the crew recreates the conquest and exploitation of the past for the scenes in their movie, it becomes clear that these same themes are alive and strong in the present day as Bolivians fight against the privatization of an essential natural resource: water.

The next Monkey Movie night is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, January 10, 2013 and will feature the film “Bananas!” (2009), a documentary about pesticide use in banana production in Nicaragua that features one of the most prominent class-action lawsuits brought against a multinational corporation by a group of workers from a Central American nation. The Azuero Earth Project invites one and all to join us for this exciting event!

 Written by Sophie M. Fuchs

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