AEP Celebrates Family Environmental Movie Nights with Four Azuero Communities!

Students at the elementary school in Los Asientos perform a monkey skit at their movie night; c. Sophie Fuchs

As a part of the Azuero Earth Project’s 2012 Azuero Spider Monkey Education Initiative, AEP staff hosted movie nights in Los Asientos, Nuario, Oria Arriba and Vallerriquito communities from October 25th to 30th. These movie nights are part of AEP’s annual collaboration with communities in Azuero to celebrate the Azuero Spider Monkey and its dry forest habitat and emphasize the importance of conserving this endemic subspecies.

The feature film this year was “The Lorax”, Dr. Seuss’s whimsical tale of a boy living in Thneedville, an imaginary town with all modern conveniences but missing something essential: real living trees. The film follows this boy as he searches for a tree and learns a shocking story of greed and deception along the way. Students laughed at the comical antics of the characters while learning about important environmental issues such as deforestation and pollution.

Before the film, students shared environmental “tamboritos,”or traditional call and response songs, they learned during the daytime Azuero Spider Monkey Eco-Fairs with their friends and families. This year’s songs explore the future of the spider monkey subspecies and highlight the importance of conserving the Azuero dry forest. In Los Asientos, students also took part in a short play about a spider monkey family and how they respond when their forest home is cut down by humans.  An Azuero Earth Project presentation explained the details of the Eco-Fair school day with parents, explored the project’s vision for a forest restoration corridor in prioritized areas of the peninsula and invited the community to participate in AEP projects.

For more information about AEP’s Spider Monkey Education Initiative and other Education opportunities, see Education.

Written by Sophie M. Fuchs

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