Building the Red Verde

Photo: Ruth Metzel

We all know that we are taking more from the environment than we are giving back, that we must change our behavior before we use up all our resources, we have heard the dire statistics. We think we should be doing something, but what can we do that is actually going to make a difference?

We, The Azuero Earth Project, are doing something, in a new way: carefully, thoughtfully, effectively. We are matching science with practice: connecting researchers and teachers with farmers, homeowners, and communities to create and test new methods and new models for solutions that do not tax the environment. We are finding ways to make sustainable actions equally, or even more attractive than environmentally damaging practices.

We are working on Panama’s Azuero Peninsula because it is uniquely suited as a “living laboratory.” It represents a microcosm of the first-world problems that are assaulting the rapidly emerging tropics; a fast-forward of every community, everywhere. The Azuero provides us ready access to Panama’s remarkable population of international scientists in a location with great infrastructure, willing and engaged communities, and a safe place to work. The solutions we develop in Panama will work throughout the world. We will share them via a global network of social media, conferences and our website. What we learn will benefit all.

The Azuero Earth Project is working with our institutional and educational collaborators to find practical, replicable solutions to prevalent and critical environmental problems that plague landowners and communities:

  • deforested/degraded/chemical dependent farmland
  • mountains of garbage: plastic water bottles, Styrofoam
  • containers, plastic bags
  • poorly conceived/resource inefficient buildings

We create sustainable solutions that people will use, because they are better, and because we stay with them to make sure they keep getting better. And then we share our lessons learned with others around the world who are faced with the same challenges and are working for the same outcomes. We believe that what will work and what people can do is to create a culture of sustainable behavior: we call it the Red Verde (green network). Join us.

Edwina von Gal

President, Co-founder, Azuero Earth Project

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