2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Azuero Earth Project (Video)

  1. Looks to be a very exciting and comprehensive project that Panama needs to tune into. I’ll be tuning in and I’ve already sent this video to others in Panama in my family that it would be of interest to get involved. Thank you for making a stand for the sane and sustainable practices in the Azuero. My wife(Panamanian and who grew up in the Los Santos area) and I plan to visit in the dry season. We’ve been living in the Cerro Punta area of Chiriqui for 10 yrs. now and have set up organic growing in two of our own greenhouses and working at creating more of a edible forest garden, as well.

  2. Saludos! He estado entrando tu pagina por muchisimo tiempo hasta hoy en dia y
    al fin tengo el coraje de comentar desde Yucatan mexico .Solo queria mencionarte quue continues realizando tan gran desempe

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