Visiting Researcher Kara Luggen Examines the Role of Real Estate and Tourism in Pedasí



Kara Luggen is a visiting student from the University for Peace in San Jose, Costa Rica studying Natural Resources and Sustainable Development.  Kara was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio but felt attracted to the coasts and has lived in California, New York and Washington, DC.  As an aspiring practitioner in the field International Development, her interests are focused on poverty alleviation and building safe communities in harmony with the environment.  Through the combined cooperation of community, developers, government and non-profits she envisions generating win-win scenarios for the future sustainability of the environment and livelihoods of people. This July and August, Kara is working with the Azuero Earth Project to conduct a series of conversations aimed at understanding the priorities and perspectives of the real estate and tourism sectors of the Pedasi community, and produce suggestions for ways to improve Pedasí and its environment.

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