Recicla Pedasí encourages communities in Herrera and Los Santos to reduce, reuse and recycle

Photo: Michele Goodfellow

AEP presented the work and mission of Recicla Pedasí at three different events in El Cedro Elementary School (May 17), the Department of Education at the University of Panama, Chitré (June 21) and the University of Panama, Las Tablas (July 5) The Pedasi recycling program aims to reduce waste from aluminum cans and plastic bottles through a collaboration between the Mayor’s office of Pedasi, Niños de Azuero, Plinio A. Moscoso High School, the Azuero Earth Project, and local businesses, and has been in place since November 2010.

After using houses constructed with plastic bottles as an innovative example of reuse in Central America, Ruth Metzel emphasized that “now I’m not saying we should all go out and build our houses out of bottles. No, that is the innovative solution that these communities adopted to fit their needs and environment. Rather, I’m saying that in the area of waste management each one of us has the chance to think of a new and unique solution to reuse or reduce the waste we put into our environment. This drive should be especially strong in a place like Azuero, where we notice daily that waste is burned into the air we breathe, causing serious health problems. These solutions can often be profitable and simple to implement.”

Read more about these talks in La Prensa!

For more information about Recicla Pedasi, please join the group on facebook. To support the program, please deposit your cleaned and squashed cans (soda and food) and plastic bottles to the following recycling stations in Pedasí:

  1. Residencial Pedasí
  2. Pedasí Plinio Antonio Moscoso High School
  3. Clarisa and Cusi’s house at the edge of the park near Restaurante Ejecutivo
  4. Estación Edy (the gas station on the Venao end of town)
  5. Rancho of the Cooperativa de Ecoturismo at el Arenal beach
  6. Julio and Arquimedín’s Distribuidora LIBADI
  7. Azuero Earth Project



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