How to Save Money with Bio-Gas

César González, professor at INADEH (National Institute for Professional Formation and Training for Human Development) and UTP (National Technological University of Panama), showed Pedasi residents his car that runs on bio-gas from pig excrement at a community event on May 26th.

González emphasized that one of the advances that makes biogas usable is the ability to compress the gas in transportable tanks, just as you would with traditional gas brands now available on the market (Panagas, Tropigas brands, etc.). Biogas allows him to create systems that save money by using biogas to power homes and businesses.

Currently, the Panamanian government heavily subsidizes gas production, which costs them millions of dollars per year. If they invested in biogas, the gas could be produced at a much lower cost, thus saving money for the consumer and the Panamanian government, as well as providing extra income for livestock ranchers. ~César González

Community members asked about the workings of the biogas car, for which César González uses excrement from local pig farms, and inquired about the prices of installing home biogas systems.

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